Think Green – recycle!

After 3 years of successful cart washes, Michelle Dreimann decided to bring her passion for the environment to the Resort and created the “Think Green, Keep Hawaii Clean” campaign.  Her efforts went as far as bringing curbside recycling with Hana Hou Recycling Co. to the Resort.  With all this great success, the Dreimann girls, Michelle and Alana got the approval of the Hualālai Ohana Foundation to start a Junior Board of the Foundation (a committee of the adult board). At their first meeting, they wrote their mission statement: “The representatives of the Junior Board of the Hualālai Ohana Foundation work together to improve the lives of the employees of Hualālai and their families through education and healthcare programs. Our mission is to raise funds for the Hualālai Ohana Foundation and raise awareness for issues close to our generation.”  SIGN-UP NOW!

Zumbathons and Paint Run

In 2011, 2012, 2013, the Junior Board hosted Zumbathons that brought the employees and residents of Hualālai together and created a lot of hips shaking up at the Ke’olu golf range with some of the best Zumba instructors on the island.  During Festive 2013 and 2015, the Junior Board along with Jahn Sawinski (of Ke’olu) hosted its first ever 5K Paint Run, which was a lot of fun for the employees, residents and hotel guests of Hualālai. 


Yet another project was embraced and taken on by the Junior Board when Alec and Ryan Dominick presented their idea of a custom Monopoly board game for the Hualālai Resort.  From this, the Junior Board created “Hualālaiopoly” and raised the funds for their project by setting up an online auction to gain sponsors for all the properties and game cards of the Hualālaiopoly game. With tremendous support from the residents, resort management, hotel management, the marketing department, and members of the board, Hualālaiopoly a limited edition keepsake of all that we love about our Hualālai home is available for purchase.