What is an Ohana Foundation Ambassador?
As a key player, you are the first to hear about upcoming Foundation programs, awards, and giveaways. You stay in the know about the application process and deadlines.You are a Foundation representative on the resort front lines. Responsible for communicating to your department teammates the services and offerings of the Foundation.
What does it take to be an Ambassador?
It is simple:
You will receive a quarterly email from the Foundation with the upcoming programs and important information.You will read the email and share with your department the information or service deadlines for the programs and awards that would apply to your co-workers.
What do I get if I become and Ambassador? 

You get the inside scoop on the new and exciting Foundation programs.  You get the feeling of satisfaction for helping out your co-worker who may not know about offerings that can enhance or improve their life.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please complete the form below or contact our office.

YES, I would like to be the HOF Ambassador to my department
I would like to be added to the general mailing list, but not act as an Ambassador

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