Laptop Computer Giveaway

The Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation offers this program to provide eligible employees and their children with access to the latest computer technology.

Computer Giveaway

Recipients of this award will receive a computer bundle including one laptop computer with a standard software package, a basic printer and 1 ream of paper.

Employees of the Hualālai Community including; Hualālai Investors, LLC, Four Seasons Hualālai and Hualālai Resort contractor employees are eligible to apply if they meet the following requirements:

  • Employee household has one or more children, between the ages of 9 to 18 years of age. OR
  • Employee/spouse, or dependent child(ren) who is currently enrolled at an accredited higher educational institution or program.

Have a total household income of less than $80,000.00.
Submit a personal letter outlining the special needs or specific reasons the family would benefit from a new laptop computer in their home.

The number of available laptops will be limited.  Every effort will be made to support as many families as possible.  If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the total number of computer bundles available for 2016 a lottery will be held to determine the award recipients.

The deadline for return of the completed application and all supporting materials is Friday, December 2, 2016. Award notification will take place the week ending December 16th, with distribution beginning on December 19th. APPLICATION

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